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Footpaths around Llandre

Llandre is set in the middle of beautiful countryside and is an ideal starting point for a number of easy walks around the area. The map on the right shows the location of the local footpaths and lanes. A guide map describing some of the attractions in and around the village is available from local tourist information offices or by post (please enclose Stamped, self-addressed envelope) Llandre Heritage, c/o Sycamores, Llandre, Aberystwyth SY24 5QX.

Please scroll down for details of walks
created by Genau'r Glyn W.I.

WALK 1. (2 - 2 ½ hrs.)

Ruel Isaf - Bow Street - Rhydypennau - Bryngwyn Isaf - Pwll Glas
Ruel Isaf - Bow Street - Rhydypennau - Bryngwyn Isaf - PwIl Glas

1. From Bethlehem go up to the lychgate of the church. Follow the footpath sign on the left of the gate up the hill through the wood. Where the paths cross at a wet boggy area near the top of the wood, continue straight ahead for about 75 yards to a stile. Follow the yellow waymark and turn left along the path to a stile into the field. Bear right up the hill keeping the fence on the right till the boggy patch, then veer left to the left hand corner of Brynhir, and head for the gate in front.

2. Go through the gate, and aim for the fence ahead (the waymark is on the other side of the gate). Go through and continue with the fence on the right. Then head for the left corner of a newly planted shelter belt, to a stile. After the stile, bear left , following the waymark along the fence to a gate in the left hand corner (waymarked). Go through the gate and head downhill, picking up the farm track.

3. Follow the track to Ruel Isaf and turn sharp left through the farmyard (waymark on opposite side of the gate). With buildings to the left, continue under the farmhouse along the track, now tarmac after farm entrance. Turn right for Ruel Uchaf. Go through the farmyard between the buildings and the house. Continue along the track to stile. Turn right and follow the hedge downhill to railway. Cross the tracks, and continue to Maes Ceiro and up the hill to A487 at Pen y Garn.

4. Walk north along main road to Rhydypennau. Take the minor road to the right just before the pub, and continue up a steep climb. At Ty'n Rhos farm, turn left past the house on the left, bear right along the lane, with buildings to the left. Before the next farm, Llwyngwernog, take the waymarked path to the left across a field to the corner waymark on oak tree. Cross a plank over the stream, go diagonally across a small field to a waymarked gate. Go through the gate, over a stream, keeping the hedge on the left, to join the cart track to Bryngwyn Isaf. Go through the yard, with buildings on the left and house to the right. Continue along the farm road to reach the road to Dole.

5. Go straight across the road and through the gate to follow the bridle path down to the stream and up a track to join the private road to Felin Gyffyn. Turn left and walk to join the A487. Turn left along main road for 50 yards, then take the farm road on the right to Pwllglas.

6. Bear left just before the farm, and continue uphill on a track, passing some sheep pens on the right. Go through the gate ahead, and continue along the track with hedge on left, and through two more gates. Continue with the hedge on the right to a stile. Go steeply downhill to a gate by Ysgoldy. Turn right down the steep lane to the B4353. Cross the road, go over the railway to return to Bethlehem.


WALK 2. ( 1 hour.)
Ruel Isaf - Llety Ceiro

Ruel Isaf - Llety Ceiro

From Bethlehem go up the road, round the sharp left-hand bend and continue past the row of cottages. Keep to the right at the next junction and follow the road to Ruel Uchaf.

Take the footpath through the farmyard, the house to the left. Follow the track left and take the way marked path through the gate on the left. Keep the hedge on the right across the fields. Turn right through a gate with a way maker. And go down the hill, keeping to the right of the hedge. Go over the stile and cross the railway to the stile on the other side.

Follow the road through Llety Ceiro carpark to the main road. Turn left, and proceed along the footpath to the junction on the left. Turn down the steep hill, across the railway line and up the hill at the other side. Join the minor road again - turning right. Follow the road back to Bethlehem.
Time: 1 hour


WALK 3. ( 1 hour.)
Church - Castell Gwallter - Old Yew
Church - Castell Gwallter - Old Yew

From Bethlehem, go up the road, round a sharp left-hand bend. Walk along the road past the houses on the right. Keep right at the next junction just after 'Wayside', then almost immediately turn sharp right, following the finger post up the track through the wood. Go through the gate and climb up the hill to a point where the paths cross. Go straight ahead to the gate.

Bear left through the gate and follow the hedge on the left. Castell Gwallter , a Motte and Bailey Norman fortification is on the right. The land can be very wet from the next gate. Go through the gate, turn right, across a stream, and keeping to the left of the hedge, cross the field to the stile on to the road.

Turn right and follow the road down the hill. Just after the right-hand bend, turn off right by the finger post, to follow the track down through the woods. Go through the gate into the old cemetery. Turn right down to the church.

Detour to the old yew. Go around the east end of the church, and the yew is straight ahead. There are three trunks left. The carbon dating indicates that the centre of the tree is around 2,000 years old.

Return to the path and go straight down the road. Turn right and follow the road down to Bethlehem.
Time: 1 hour. W.I. Time: 1½ hours.


WALK 4. ( 2½ hours.)

Church - Cilolwg - Dolybont - Riverside
Church - Cilolwg - Dolybont - Riverside
Start from Bethlehem, and go up the road, turning right at the junction, past the church car park. Continue up the road to the hairpin bend. There are two farm tracks on the right - take the one on the left into the green lane. Go uphill through two gates. Continue along the lane to the crossroads, turn right.

Follow the road down through the wood to the main road to Borth. Turn left, go under the railway bridge and turn right down the hill to Dolybont. Go through the village, over the bridge on the river Leri and then turn right at the finger post. Follow the path past the Mill House over three stiles then up the steps. Bear left at the top, following the footpath sign. Keep the hedge to the left and cross the field to the stile. Follow the path by the wood to the next stile. Cross the field and turn right just before the gate, keeping the fence on the left.

Climb the hill and go through the gate at the top left corner. Continue with the fence on the right. Bear slightly to the left and follow the line of the old hedge across the field to a stile and follow the hedge down to another stile into Glanfraid Lane. Turn right and follow the road along to Llandre. Turn left at the junction, and then right across the railway, back to Bethlehem.
Time: 2½ hours. W.I. Time 3½ hours


WALK 5. ( 2 - 2½ hours.)
Riverside - Alt Goch - Talybont - Maes Newydd
Riverside - Alt Goch -
Talybont - Maes Newydd

From Bethlehem, go down to the level-crossing and the main road. Turn left and then take the right turn into Glanfraid Lane. Follow the road until the sign for riverside Caravan Park. Turn left and go down the lane to the caravan site, keeping right, and pass reception buildings on the right. Cross the bridge over the river.

Take the path to the right and through the gate. Keep left up the hill to where the track broadens out to a car road. This section can be overgrown in the summer months with Himalayan Balsam. Follow the road up the hill, then take a path down to cross the stream. The path becomes indistinct across the rough ground up to the ruined house of Frongoch. It is also very overgrown in summer with bracken and brambles. An alternative is to go up the left bank of the cart road and walk along the edge of the field up to the fence - turn right and follow it up to the small gate by the corner of the farm building.

Follow the road in front of the farm house through the gate and over the brow of the hill. Go through an arch of oak trees. Cross the field and make for the gate into the forest. Follow the forestry road to the fork and take the left bridle path and follow the signs in reverse. The path rejoins the forestry road for a short time, then take the next left turn on to the bridle path once again. Go over the hill, then across the stream and rejoin the forestry road.

Continue until the rock face on the left side of the road. Take the path opposite to the right and go down the hill to the forestry gate. Turn right on to the lane and go down to the min road - A487 - in Talybont. Turn right, cross the bridge and go up the hill. Take the minor road on the left and follow it for about a mil and a half, passing the farm road to Lletty Llwyd on the left. Take the next junction on the right past Maes Newydd. Turn left along the main road -A487 - then right into Glanfraid lane to Llandre. Cross the railway and go back to Bethlehem.
Time: 2 ½ hours. W.I. Time: 3 ½ hours


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